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In the sponsor a child program, you will be paired with a student from Leo Primary School. The cost to sponsor a child is $30 a month or $360 a year. Sponsoring a child insures they are provided with school supplies that will allow for an excellent education, as well as 3 nutritional meals a day.  


If you or a group would like to volunteer at Leo Primary School or St. Oliva Medical Center, we would love your help. We are in need of builders, teachers, doctors, nurses, medical workers, social workers and counselors to provide counseling or assist the local people to solve and cope with the problems in their everyday lives.


The Leti Resource Center is also looking for people in the United States who might help with accounting, fundraising, IT, and organizing volunteers. In addition, we also welcome any persons or organizations who can organize events to raise funds for Leti Resource Center.


Contact us at about your availability.


Leo Primary School, and the other schools that Leti Resource Center strives to improve, are constantly in need of supplies, such as desks, doors, windows, plaster for new walls and beds for the dormitory. When these materials are needed, we will list below what is needed and how much it will cost. If you would like to donate the amount needed for a specific project, please email us at or call Tom Masters, the Director, at (708) 848-4615 for a list of our current needs.


We welcome tax deductible donations from businesses. If your business would like to get involved or you have any questions, please email the Leti Resource Center at or call (708) 848-4615. Thank you for your interest.


If you wish to donate to the Leti Resource Center, please click below, and you will be directed to the Donation page. Thank you for your generous support!

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