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Leo Primary School, inaugurated in February 2015 with 52 students, now has 160 and is still expanding. Most families cannot pay the full price of sending their children to school, so Leti Resource Center offers sponsorship to families who need help. In addition, many students board at the school because of its distance from their homes, for a better environment, and for better nutrition. Currently, the dormitory is overcrowded, one of the reasons for the proposed new Multipurpose Building



There is no medical facility nearby, so in April 2016, after the new classroom building was completed, the temporary structure where the school was first housed was repurposed as the St. Oliva Medical Center. The facility, which serves students as well as community members, offers laboratory services and rooms where patients can be admitted. It is staffed by three Ugandan volunteers.  

A community basic health care mobile service has also been established.



In May 2016, after many discussions about how to improve the community and the people who live there, a saving and credit cooperative was opened. The Isingiro Business Community Savings and Credit Cooperative will teach people to save and put their earnings to work in order to achieve a degree of economic freedom.

The Leti Resource Center also works to assist other students in the area and has started adult education programs through Women's Clubs. There are plans for youth groups and men's groups as well.



In this rural area, water cisterns are used to harvest rainwater. They are expensive ($10,000 each), but that is the only option. Wells cannot be dug because the water table is too deep in the hills or mountains, and where the water is reachable, the mineral residues make it too toxic to use. More than ten water harvesting cisterns have been built for communities and schools in the area.  


Without the cisterns, adults and children must walk as far as ten miles, carrying water from the river on their heads.  

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