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Watch the latest update from Father Leo regarding the new Kitchen and Dining Hall:

Construction of the Kitchen and Dining Building for Students at Leo Primary School in Isingiro, Uganda, a project sponsored jointly by the Legacy Grant of the Archdiocese of Chicago and

Leti Resource Center in Illinois, USA.


July 29, 2022

Please view the our progress on the Leo Primary School Multipurpose Building being completed with the help of our generous donors here.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois for spotlighting Leti Resource Center! To see their mission appeal,please click here.

A message from our founder, Father Leo:

We proudly announce that the Ground Floor of the Multipurpose Building is now usable. In fact, we have moved the students into the classrooms. This accomplishment left us with a debt of #30,000 in supplied materials! They were given to me in confidence and I have my confidence in you.  If you pledged or you have been promising yourself to do something, this is the time. 


Friends in the USA send tax deductible checks to:

Leti Resource Center

C/O John Bosco Tumwesigye

484 Division Street

Elgin, IL 60120

Ugandan Friends utilize my telephone or send checks to:

Leti Foundation for Africa-Uganda

PO Box 1858

Mbarara, Uganda

Thanks you and Blessings!!

Father Leo

To donate online:




The Leti Resource Center (LRC) is a nonprofit established by Father Leo Tinkatumire to bring together people who otherwise would not know each other, to make a positive contribution to building a more just world. Specifically, Leti Resource Center seeks to enhance and empower participants through education, training, and public health.


LRC extends its work throughout Uganda, although it is focused primarily in the Isingiro and Mbarara districts.


Leti Resource Center was founded to empower people to fulfill their human promise by improving their economic condition, raising their standard of living, providing medical care, and promoting moral and spiritual wholeness. The Center’s primary objectives are to assist the poorest of the poor in securing education, health services, and clean, safe water; to create and fund community-based micro organizations; and to build a House of Peace as a harbor for those who are struggling the most.

Our current projects include;​

  • - reconstruction of St. Oliva Medical Center, which       serves both students and the community

  • - raise funds for construction of a kitchen and dining    hall to replace existing firepits and wood       slabs/shack seating area

  • - Isingiro Business Community Savings and Credit       Cooperative

  • - Finish Multipurpose building by raising funds for     windows, doors, furniture, roofing and plasterwork  expenses 

  • - build additional water cisterns to provide accessible, clean water for drinking and cooking;

  • - supporting women's emancipation through women's   clubs and education about entrepreneurial       opportunities

You can find more information about our projects by clicking PROJECT DETAILS or the PROJECTS tab at the top of the page.

Your donations will be used toward providing

  • School materials

  • Subsidies for students at Leo Primary School  

  • Building the new Multi Purpose Building

  • Medical equipment and supplies for the NEW St. Oliva Medical Center

  • Water cisterns

  • Seed money for the Isingiro Business Community Savings and Credit Cooperative

  • Women's Club

You may help Leti Resource Center by:

  • Making a donation

  • Offering your own talents. We are looking for assistance in accounting, fundraising, and IT.

  • Spread the word to your friends, family, church, or community group.

  • Ask your employer if they would like one of our directors to present what LRC is doing

  • Host a presentation to raise awareness about LRC and our work.

The vision of Leti Resource Center is to enhance and empower participants through education, training,

and public health awareness in Africa, starting in the districts of Isingiro and Mbarara of Uganda.


Supervisor for Leti Foundation
for Africa - Uganda

   LETI Resource Center would like to welcome Maria Goret to our team. Maria is a University Graduate who is graciously volunteering as Supervisor for Leti Foundation for Africa - Uganda. Thank you Maria!

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